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Round 1: Greed vs. Safety. Winner: Greed!

September 25, 2007

Every day thousands of school kids pour out of the DeKalb Avenue Subway station towards Brooklyn Tech. And thousands of Ft. Greene commuters head in the opposite direction (shall I compare us to salmon?), through the school children towards the DeKalb Ave. subway station.

To complicate things (did I already mention salmon?), the public spirited developers (updated: the developer is Forest City Ratner no less)¬†of the Rockwell Place 80 DeKalb Ave. apartment building (which I’m sure will be a “lovely” 405 feet addition to the Brooklyn skyline) have fenced off the sidewalk and created their own artificial one in the parking lane of Dekalb Ave. This narrow space is, of course, too small for the numbers trying to get through it leaving many to walk in the bike lane (which cars already ignore) or the middle of the street.

Rockwell Place Sidewalk Travesty