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The Restaurants of Myrtle

November 7, 2007

New blog Clinton Hill Foodie turned us on to this rundown of the Myrtle Avenue restaurants on Gridskipper.  CHF vouches for Maggie Brown’s and Il Torchio, and I agree, although I’d add Castro’s to my list of favorites.

Gridskipper overlooked Zaytoons, which I also love, and Abistro, which is just a few steps off of Myrtle, and also wonderful.  They also forgot Thai 101, and probably some others that I’m failing to think of.


Developments: Myrtle Edition

October 24, 2007

*If the space (at the corner of Washington and Myrtle) discussed in this post does indeed become a Starbucks, can we all just make a pact not to frequent it?  That’ll solve that problem.

*On a brighter note, Myrtle Avenue is getting spruced up.