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Mullane’s Backside

October 4, 2007


The Village Voice reviewed Mullane’s this week, and I think it’s basically spot on in its assessment of the “sports” bar on the corner of Lafayette and South Elliot.  Mullane’s is, like the articles says, a basic, unadventurous, but still welcoming and enjoyable, sports bar.  Mullane’s also is barely a sports bar, which the article fails to convey.  In fact, the entire back section is more of a restaurant…

…which I think could be improved upon.  If it were concieved as more of a lounge area, possibly with couches and stuffy chairs in addition to some tables, I can easily envision myself wiling away the afternoon there, nursing a couple of pints and slouching over my laptop.  Since as it is now, the back room is rarely full, I think this might have been a better use of the space.

Still, I welcome the quieter alternative to Moe’s — sometimes a quiet pint is the only pint that’ll do.

A Rookie Sports Bar Comes to Fort Greene (Village Voice)