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Greene Grape Provisions: Just Us, or a Bait and Switch with Pricing

July 9, 2008

When Greene Grape Provisions opened, I remember thinking how nicely priced everything was, overall.  But each time I go, it seems less reasonable.  No joke, they tried to charge me over $3 for one plum recently, and $4 for a baguette.

It hasn’t driven me away completely — the cheese and fish selections are fantastic, and I love their salads etc.  But it’s not the regular grocery destination I thought it would be when it opened.


Greene Grape Growing

December 6, 2007

Looks like the Greene Grape is moving into the space that formerly housed South Portland Antiques, on the corner of Fulton and South Portland.  The signage, in fact, is already up.  This location has to be at least twice as big as their current one.  More wine, yay!

UPDATE: The commenters and Brownstoner are right, the Greene Grape isn’t moving, it’s opening a specialty foods shop, which will include a fishmonger.  Fish, yay!

(Side Note: EBG is currently suffering from a misplaced camera and a crashed hard drive, so things have been a little bumpy and will probably continue to be so for the next few days.  Our apologies for the lack of photos and limited updating.)


Thursday in Fort Greene

November 15, 2007

*Cooper-Hewitt curator Cynthia Smith will be giving a lecture tonight at Pratt from 6:30-7:30pm, Main Building, Room 230, FREE.

*Three, choreographed by Ohad Naharin and performed by the Batsheva Dance Company, at BAM, 7:30pm, $20-$55.

*The Greene Grape is hosting a wine tasting featuring six Thanksgiving-friendly American wines.  They’ll also be serving deep-fried turkey, yam brulee, mashed potatoes, sauteed french green beans, cornbread dressing and gravy — a preview of the complete Tday package you can purchase if food preparation isn’t your thing.  5-7pm, FREE.


Verdict on Fresh Garden

November 12, 2007

Fresh Garden

The Brooklyn Paper published an article this week on Fresh Garden, the new market on Fulton near South Elliot.  Topic number one is price, which is deemed too high.  Personally, I didn’t find it to be outrageously expensive, but I’ll withold judgment until I’ve shopped there a few more times.

The article also claims that the shop will soon be open 24/7.  Priceless.


Favorite Fort Greene Dishes

October 31, 2007

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite dishes at Fort Greene spots: 

What are your favs?