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October 17, 2007

I finally ate dinner at Abistro on Saturday night.  There are a number of praises to sing:

  • The restaurant will make nearly every dish with tofu upon request, providing vegetarians with the rare experience of Choice.
  • My tofu/couscous/peanut sauce dish was sublime (although, portions are haute-dining size, so either snack before or order more than one)
  • The acoustics of the room seemed just right.  Although it was a full house, I felt cozily enveloped in conversation with my two companions.
  • At the end of our meal, the host asked us to move to a small table to finish our wine, in order to make way for a larger party that had just arrived.  We obliged, and were rewarded with a complimentary bread pudding.  Well done on two counts, both the service and the dessert.

The cuisine at Abistro is unique and complex — I’ve heard it called French-Senegalese, which would seem to fit the bill.  Verdict: Highly Recommended.

154 Carlton Ave.
at Myrtle
(718) 855-9455


Nigerian Restaurant Coming Soon

October 7, 2007


Looks like the empty corner space at Lafayette and Cumberland is soon to be occupied by a restaurant called EN in Africa — “Nigerian Cuisine and Bar.”  This according to the sign now hanging outside.  This ought to add yet more eclecticism to the neighborhood dining scene — and it’s good to see something finally coming into the space.

Wikipedia article on Nigerian Cuisine