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Define “Cafe”

December 4, 2007

Brownstoner reports that a cafe is readying to open at 184 Dekalb, at Carlton, just a block off the park.  If it’s a coffee shop cafe, then I agree that there might be getting to be a glut on that stretch.  But if it’s a food-serving server-staffed cafe, it’s probably a different story.


Bittersweet: Nothing To Be Bitter About Here

September 26, 2007

I never realized how much I coveted a coffee shop like Bittersweet, Fort Greene’s newest, until it actually arrived.  The concept is kept simple here: great coffee, genuinely friendly service, fantastically addictive ice-cream, fresh pastries, and a welcoming room with wi-fi for the laptop set.  There’s not a gimmick to be found, just a solid, charming coffee shop that is quickly becoming my second office.

(I could do without the owner’s kids running around the place amped on ice-cream, but that happened only one of the several times I’ve been there, and anyway I’m the first to acknowledge that kids tend to annoy me rather more than is probably healthy.  Still, this stands as my only complaint.)

Dekalb Ave, between Cumberland and Carlton
(phone, exact address, and hours forthcoming)