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A Post on Lowpost (New Bar below Habana Outpost)

October 9, 2008
Lowpost Bar

Lowpost Bar

We went to a pretty great program last night at Lowpost, the new bar and performance space that’s just opened beneath Habana Outpost.  It’ll be open year round, so we can all drink off the grid, even when it’s cold outside.

Lowpost Bar
757 Fulton Street
Corner of South Portland
Beneath Habana Outpost


NY Mag Reviews The Hideout

January 22, 2008

Here it is.

We’ll be posting our own review later in the week…

The Hideout 
266 Adelphi
(between Dekalb Ave & Willoughby Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 855-3010


The Hideout Now Open

December 5, 2007

We heard that The Hideout, a new bar on Adelphi just off Dekalb, is now open.  Has anyone been there yet?

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Update on Habana Outpost

October 26, 2007

I spoke by email to someone from Habana Outpost about the rumor that they’ll remain open this winter — sadly, they won’t.  But he did say that they are considering it for next year. 

I for one, would happily continue to frequent the restaurant in the winter.  Cravings for that veggie burrito don’t disappear with the warm weather!

Earlier: GOOD Magazine Profiles Habana Outpost (now open year round!)


GOOD Magazine Profiles Habana Outpost (now open year round!)

October 25, 2007

GOOD, a great magazine that has just been brought to my attention, profiles Habana Outpost in its latest issue.  The article primarily covers the creative ways in which the restaurant/bar/market has embraced sustainable design.  But it also informs us that Habana has a new basement lounge and will now remain open year round!

*Looking at Sustainable Design That Doesn’t Suck (GOOD Magazine)
*Habana Outpost


Upscale Cocktail Lounge to Open at 262 Adelphi

October 14, 2007

The Hideout

For those of us who’ve been waiting for an alternative to the crusty, “watch where you step”, “watch where you sit”, joys of the much beloved Alibi, a new bar is set to open in Ft. Greene sometime before Halloween. It’ll be called The Hideout and plans to serve a menu of 50 upscale cocktails as well as rare, microbrewed beers, carefully selected wines and very good list of champagne (bottle service will be available). One of the owners, Kasim, says that even well drinks will be made from good liquor.

There will be outdoor seating and, starting next summer, a food truck–inspired by the folks at Habana Outpost–that will allow for a full-dining and brunch experience.

It’s been painstakingly renovated over the course of the last 2 years and has a very cool full-restored tin ceiling. Landmarks won’t let them open until they have original looking doors on the exterior, but that’s the last hurdle. Check back on this site for an opening announcement.

Hours will be 6p-3a on weekdays and 3p-3a on weekends.

Inside The Hideout

The Ceiling


Mullane’s Backside

October 4, 2007


The Village Voice reviewed Mullane’s this week, and I think it’s basically spot on in its assessment of the “sports” bar on the corner of Lafayette and South Elliot.  Mullane’s is, like the articles says, a basic, unadventurous, but still welcoming and enjoyable, sports bar.  Mullane’s also is barely a sports bar, which the article fails to convey.  In fact, the entire back section is more of a restaurant…

…which I think could be improved upon.  If it were concieved as more of a lounge area, possibly with couches and stuffy chairs in addition to some tables, I can easily envision myself wiling away the afternoon there, nursing a couple of pints and slouching over my laptop.  Since as it is now, the back room is rarely full, I think this might have been a better use of the space.

Still, I welcome the quieter alternative to Moe’s — sometimes a quiet pint is the only pint that’ll do.

A Rookie Sports Bar Comes to Fort Greene (Village Voice)


Wine Bar in old Mo-Bay Space

September 26, 2007

I think this is a few days old, but it seems that a wine bar will be settling into the old Mo-Bay space on Dekalb. 

Which is nice and all, but more than a wine bar, I personally think the ‘hood could use a good dive bar with good (not too loud) music — like Rope, but closer to my end of the nabe.  A wine bar will have trouble competing with the excellent and popular Stonehome, whereas a plain old bar — darkish, scruffy, cheap, and dare I say, hipster oriented — would instantly attract the indie-rock contingent (yes, it does exist in Fort Greene).  Moe’s is great, but always loud and never playing my favorite music.