Greene Grape Provisions: Just Us, or a Bait and Switch with Pricing

July 9, 2008

When Greene Grape Provisions opened, I remember thinking how nicely priced everything was, overall.  But each time I go, it seems less reasonable.  No joke, they tried to charge me over $3 for one plum recently, and $4 for a baguette.

It hasn’t driven me away completely — the cheese and fish selections are fantastic, and I love their salads etc.  But it’s not the regular grocery destination I thought it would be when it opened.



  1. it’s always seemed pricey to me, but i like it for certain things. i can’t afford the cheese, but splurge for the fish. funny, i bought a plum there this morning, and it was only 28 cents!

  2. It’s SO expensive. and too bad because I’ve always loved that store but can’t afford it. They are actively setting up a Fort Greene co-op (like the Park Slope co-op) that might interest you if you are looking for plums under 3 bucks.

  3. This place sucks.

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