NY Mag Reviews The Hideout

January 22, 2008

Here it is.

We’ll be posting our own review later in the week…

The Hideout 
266 Adelphi
(between Dekalb Ave & Willoughby Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 855-3010


  1. Thank God for this Magnificent Speakeasy. I went this weekend and was just floored by the decor and how hard the mixologist worked to make every cocktail special. I want to savor the experience and not cheapen it by going everyday. I really felt the owner(bartender)Azio was the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my life…period. For all those girls out there, who is tired of looking at your sorry-ass man, you can go to this place and feel wonderful & sexy…

  2. I will never go to this place and I would suggest if you are a person of color, don’t go. A grilfriend had her bday party here when the establishment first opened. She got the okay to bring a cake to the bar, as they do not serve any food. Well the owner insults my girlfriend and her guest by pulling her aside and tells her, he does not want her friends coming in to have cake and water. This man was bascially making the assumption if there are a group of African American, we are probably not going to buy drinks and just come for the cake.

    Now this is sad. The owner is African American, my girlfirend and I are African American as well as many of her guest. I was completely appalled by this comment and left, as this man obviously did not want his own there. The place is small and nothing to write home about. Go around the corner to Madiba or Moe’s which is just a few blocks away. Much better atmosphere.

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