Fire/Explosion at 99 Lafayette

December 10, 2007

At around eleven last night (give or take, I was asleep when it happened), an apartment on the top floor of 99 Lafayette, between South Portland and South Oxford, caught fire or suffered an explosion.  I was awoken by the windows shattering.  The firepeople proceeded to break the rest of the windows and then shoot the firehouse out of them.  They never turned on any lights, which suggests a gas leak (or a meth lab), right?  At any rate, it didn’t seem to be a typical fire.

It also didn’t seem like there was anyone in the apartment when the accident happened.

Anyone got the scoop?



  1. I live in 101 Lafayette. I overheard the fireman’s radios that were on the roof of 99 saying that it was a kitchen fire and i heard that at least one person was suffering some smoke inhalation but would be fine.

  2. Agreed. I live on the corner of S. Oxford and Lafayette, and when the trucks arrived, there wasn’t any panic. During a gas leak, I think they tend to evacuate anyone within a couple blocks in case there’s another leak or subsequent explosion.

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