Greene Grape Growing

December 6, 2007

Looks like the Greene Grape is moving into the space that formerly housed South Portland Antiques, on the corner of Fulton and South Portland.  The signage, in fact, is already up.  This location has to be at least twice as big as their current one.  More wine, yay!

UPDATE: The commenters and Brownstoner are right, the Greene Grape isn’t moving, it’s opening a specialty foods shop, which will include a fishmonger.  Fish, yay!

(Side Note: EBG is currently suffering from a misplaced camera and a crashed hard drive, so things have been a little bumpy and will probably continue to be so for the next few days.  Our apologies for the lack of photos and limited updating.)



  1. The other week Brownstoner reported that this space, while run by the same people that own The Greene Grape, will actually be a high end market complete with a fish monger, butcher, and cheese shop.

    I’m not sure which account is right but just thought you should know!

  2. I read about this on Brownstoner and they said it was a gourmet food store (complete with butcher and fishmonger in house) that will be run by the Greene Grape owners.

  3. The awning is up. Greene Grape Provisions. I suppose Brownstoner is correct…

  4. Checking out the Greene Grape Provisions tonight to pick up a gourmet take home dinner. Sounds like they have a great selection of gourmet and organic fresh food and the prices should be reasonable if it’s like their wine store – hmmmmm wine and gourmet take out across the street from each other – very nice move!

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