Verdict on Fresh Garden

November 12, 2007

Fresh Garden

The Brooklyn Paper published an article this week on Fresh Garden, the new market on Fulton near South Elliot.  Topic number one is price, which is deemed too high.  Personally, I didn’t find it to be outrageously expensive, but I’ll withold judgment until I’ve shopped there a few more times.

The article also claims that the shop will soon be open 24/7.  Priceless.


  1. it’s not overpriced – the prices seemed a lot lower than Greene Farm and the other place on lafayette right around the corner.
    i liked it. the produce was appetizing as well.

  2. they do have a great selection but it’s so overpriced so i don’t think i’ll make a habit of shopping there. the convenience will definitely keep the place busy though, especially with so many single professionals with money to burn in this neighborhood.

  3. The produce selection alone makes this place a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Add to that the selection of Amy’s frozen foods and it’s a winner in my book. The prices ARE a bit high, but no more outrageous than Greene Farm or the overpriced Korean market around the corner (the one with the really mean lady and really friendly man propietors – what is up with that lady?).

  4. If you think the prices are too high then don’t buy the stuff. They’ll eventually figure out what they can charge based on how much people will pay. That being said some of their stuff is pretty pricey but some isn’t bad at all. Anyone who expects to pay supermarket prices at a small family owned grocery store is delusional. I consider it a small price to pay to be able to shop in a nice comfortable store instead of the insanity of the bigger stores. Not to mention the produce is quite reasonable and that’s mostly what I buy there.

  5. Its nice inside, and the wife loves the flowers, but the pricing of the food is a bit shocking. It kinda feels like it wants to be like Trader Joe’s, but obviously is no match. Still, like Trader Joe’s , its a place to get a few items on a whim, not for major shopping. I’ll likely go back for a few items here and there. It’ll probably do well once forte fills up though!

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