The Restaurants of Myrtle

November 7, 2007

New blog Clinton Hill Foodie turned us on to this rundown of the Myrtle Avenue restaurants on Gridskipper.  CHF vouches for Maggie Brown’s and Il Torchio, and I agree, although I’d add Castro’s to my list of favorites.

Gridskipper overlooked Zaytoons, which I also love, and Abistro, which is just a few steps off of Myrtle, and also wonderful.  They also forgot Thai 101, and probably some others that I’m failing to think of.



  1. I keep hearing good things about Castro’s, but I couldn’t vouch for it because I haven’t yet been there. There are a bunch of mexican places I have yet to try, that being one of them.

    Speaking of Mexican in this area, I keep seeing decent write-ups of Los Politos III, but the one time we went we really didn’t like it. We sat outside, which was a mistake. they played awful music from a radio and that stretch of Myrtle just isn’t suited to outdoor seating. The food was ok, but I think we just didn’t know what to order. I want to give it another chance, but I need a recommendation for what to get.

    Il Torchio’s probably my favorite new place on Myrtle, even if it’s a little too dark and a little too expensive. Fantastic wine list, though.

  2. los politos iii is good until you call for delivery and they get your address wrong because they don’t understand english that well and then the delivery guy calls because he can’t find where you like and you re-explain your address to another person who speaks no english and then he will show up to your house (finally) and suddenly and conveniently does not have change.

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