Whole Lot of Ugly Coming to BAM Cultural District

November 6, 2007

Plans for a new 30 story performance space and apartment building to be built on Fulton Street, right across from the new Forte Condos, were unveiled today.  See the horror for yourself:


It’s going to be a pretty green building, by all indications, but a pretty ugly one, as well.  I’m sitting here baffled, asking — Why?  Can’t green and aesthetically not-awful go hand in hand at this point?

And on a personal note: This is what I’m sacrificing my view of the Statue of Liberty for?

More info in the Brooklyn Eagle.


  1. Damn. That’s literally on the corner of my block. I thought it was as bad as it would get when Forte surpassed 10 stories and began blocking the afternoon sun from my living room. Once this new place goes up I’ll be living without natural sun in my apartment. Awesome. Maybe Crunch will build a 47 story complex on top of their building too, just for good measure.

  2. Can you elaborate on what, specifically, is so awful about this building? Compared to to the AY plans, this is a breath of fresh air. Aesthetically, I’m not sure how towers will ever fit into a brooklyn idea of beautiful- but that’s the shift we have to make.

  3. Hallie, It’s not the fact that it’s a tower that makes me hate it — I actually think the Forte building across the street, at a similiar height, is kind of nice. And both buildings are just barely close enough to Flatbush and Downtown Brooklyn to fit acceptably into their surroundings (one block further into Fort Greene and they would have crossed the line).

    I simply find the design itself extremely haphazard. The balconies are sticking out in all the wrong places. Building materials seem to have been chosen at random. The whole thing just doesn’t come together for a coherent look or design.

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