Frosted Moon Reopens on South Portland

November 6, 2007

After leaving its old location on Vanderbilt, Frosted Moon Emporium has reopened in a cute space on South Portland, between Lafayette and Fulton (near Pequena):

Frosted Moon


  1. what is it?

  2. I was only in it once at its Vanderbilt location. I remember it as a sort of gift store — candles and knick knacks. Very nice stuff.

  3. I’ve been in the new spot a coupla times–it’s about half greeting cards and half gifts. Nicely edited selection.

  4. It’s a gift shop with a warm feel to it. I loved it.
    I will shop there again to support local shops instead of giving my $ to Target share holders. lol. But we do need to support mom and pop shops.

  5. A good friend was in your shop a little more than a month ago and left my info. with the owner. Hi, I’m Tarajamu a Brooklyn Born – Jewelry Designer who is interested in learning more about your interest in carrying unique handcrafted jewelry.
    I was just named a Winner in the 2010 Leading Moms in Business Competition. Ranked #138 among the Top 200 Women Entrepreneurs this year.
    I’m having an event in Brooklyn at the end of this month and would like to extend an invitation to you to come out & see my work in person.

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