Bye Bye Beezu

November 6, 2007

Bye Bye Beezu

It looks like Beezu, the baby store at 221 DeKalb, seems to have closed while no one was looking. I’d say that Beezu was about 3-5 years before its time and will now completely miss the Ft. Greene baby boom of 2011.



  1. heard that they were quite rude and surley in there anyhow.

  2. i’m not surprised. they carried like 5 items which were ridiculously overpriced. and those 5 items were all specialty. if they only carried a few things people with babies actually need. there is a market for such a store now.

  3. I’m not surprised either. My wife went in to get a gift for someone and whoever was working their just sat on their cell phone for the whole transaction.

  4. uhhh there.

  5. I only went in once to buy a cute onesie for a friend’s baby. The two people working were friendly enough, but the prices were kind of outrageous. I know it’s a “boutique”, but c’mon. There’s only so much I can pay for 4 square inches of fabric with a cute logo printed on it.

  6. On Friday November 2nd I picked up about 25 boxes and a rack delivered them to a warehouse in CT. I dealt with a lady and a young man,they seemed like good people,then again I was only with them for about 10-15 minutes to load my van.

  7. The place never had anything really useful. The marginally useful stuff was too expensive, and the gift stuff was WAY too expensive.

    I did like the ‘A is for Audrey’ onesie/shirt in the window…

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