South Portland Antiques Out, More Grocery In?

October 22, 2007

Brownstoner reports that a gourmet grocery is rumored to be taking the space recently vacated by South Portland Antiques, at the corner of South Portland and Fulton Street.

I agree — weird, considering the new Fresh Market down the block.

Rather than flooding the neighborhood with many of one kind of store, I think it’s time for proprietors to start really considering what the neighborhood is lacking.  I agree, up until now, we needed a gourmet grocery.  But we don’t need two within a one-minute walk.  I would would much rather see:

*A bookstore in the mold of Book Court in Cobble Hill
*a bare bones bar with good yet unintrusive music

Anything else that you all would like to see in the hood?  Let us know in the comments…



  1. 1. Semi-decent Chinese Food
    2. Drugstore
    3. Hardware Store

  2. I welcome more small grocers. Pathmark looks great with the remodeling they just did, but the lines are still ridiculous! There’s just not enough grocers in the area, that place is always packed.

    And it would be great if one of these new places had fresh meat and fish. We don’t have many options for that shopping in the area.

  3. I second Corey and Kara with butcher or fishmonger, Chinese food or a drug store.

    But not a bar – Moe’s is around the corner, and Brooklyn Moon is a few doors down, and in the summer, Habana Outpost is across the street – so that location seems fairly well covered.

  4. Drugstore please please please! If I have to wait in another ridiculous line at Target…

  5. I’d love a good cheap burrito place, a no-cover jazz bar (reminiscent of the Detour in East Village), good cheap sushi (cheap is my theme), and real thai (the current options leave much to be desired)

  6. All, check out Sisters Community Hardware on Fulton between Washington and Waverly – it is a local hardware store and not a chain and in the nabe.

    There is also a fishmonger right next to Olivino – this is Fulton between Clinton and Vanderbilt.

    Shop the other side of the Fulton mile 😉

    I would love to see a Drugstore and a Chinese food restaurant – also, a barebones bar closer to Clinton Hill – maybe also on that stretch of Fulton?

  7. Bookstore!!!

  8. Tim, I’m pretty sure the place you’re talking about next to Olivino is just cooked fish and ices. Or at least that what it looked like when I’ve been there.

  9. I’ll double check on the fishmonger this weekend (always good to have an excuse to go to Olivino!) and i believe the ices place was next door and that is closed now. Stay tuned, though!

  10. Oh, but if you are looking for hardware stores, Sisters is really great – the people are super helpful and it’s local, not some huge anonymous chain!

  11. 1.frozen yogurt spot
    2.ice cream parlor
    3 real florist/card shop
    4.book store
    5.shoe repair/zipper repair/watch repair all in one

  12. 1. Barbershop/Hair Salon
    2. 24-hour diner or coffeeshop
    3. Music venue (less DJs, more bands)

    give me one of each and i’ll never need to leave the hood.

  13. There is a watch/shoe/zipper repairman on DeKalb just off of Ashland. Nice Russian couple. We have more than enough hair salons/barbershops in the area. Drug stores and florists are boring.

    We definitely could use a dive bar or a diner up there though. Or a bookstore. But I’ll take another grocer anytime, I just hope one of the new Fulton green markets has a juice/smoothy counter and some great fresh produce!

  14. A fishmonger!!

  15. I think we could use a cafe — a coffee shop like Gorilla with baked goods — there are some great ones that just opened in Prospect Heights/Vanderbilt but not in fort greene. What gives?
    I know there’s a new one on dekalb, but it’s really small.

    Also, there’s a small drugstore on Fulton near the cake man where you can find OTC medications, etc. And the fish shop on fulton, fish & crustations, sells cooked fish — some of the cajun dishes are delicious!

    And, yes, I agree, a bookstore!

  16. Behren’s on DeKalb and Claremont is a great drug store. The owners are very helpful and kind. It’s a real “neighborhood” drugstore where you walk in and are asked about your family and known by name.

  17. Drugstore? Greene Avenue Pharmacy is right there, next to the video store. And it’s good. Frankie, the pharmacist is amazing. We need amenities in this neighborhood. I’m so tired of all the restaurants. Seriously, it’s a great neighborhood to visit, but to live here has serious limitations and not being able to do your errands where you live is a huge drawback. We need a REAL health food store, not the one on Greene Avenue where the prices are the same as Whole Foods. A bookstore would be amazing, too. And a real cafe to sit and write in would be a miracle.

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