October 17, 2007

I finally ate dinner at Abistro on Saturday night.  There are a number of praises to sing:

  • The restaurant will make nearly every dish with tofu upon request, providing vegetarians with the rare experience of Choice.
  • My tofu/couscous/peanut sauce dish was sublime (although, portions are haute-dining size, so either snack before or order more than one)
  • The acoustics of the room seemed just right.  Although it was a full house, I felt cozily enveloped in conversation with my two companions.
  • At the end of our meal, the host asked us to move to a small table to finish our wine, in order to make way for a larger party that had just arrived.  We obliged, and were rewarded with a complimentary bread pudding.  Well done on two counts, both the service and the dessert.

The cuisine at Abistro is unique and complex — I’ve heard it called French-Senegalese, which would seem to fit the bill.  Verdict: Highly Recommended.

154 Carlton Ave.
at Myrtle
(718) 855-9455


  1. sounds like a good place but i have to say that it’s in poor taste to ask patrons to move before they’re finished with their meal, wine or not.

  2. I’d normally agree, ks. But Abistro is so small that one table relaxing over a bottle of wine that the restaurant didn’t even sell them could ruin their profit margin, I’d imagine, so we felt okay about it. They were apologetic and, like I said, gave us a free dessert to make amends.

  3. I love this place. The prices are very reasonable, plus it’s right across the street from my house. I often get take out from them. I wish they were open on tuesday nights though! My husband is out with the boys and I often and craving their burger. I’ve also been asked to move tables at the end of my meal, but it doesn’t really bother me since the place is so small, and the staff is very friendly.

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