Target is to FG As Starbucks is to Astor Place

October 4, 2007

I never understood why Astor Place needed two Starbucks outlets, and I’ll never understand why this part of Brooklyn needs two Targets.  But that’s what we’re getting.  The replacement mall at Albee Square will boast the area’s second red and white superstore, I learned via Brownstoner, via Racked, via Curbed.

Google Map of the Two Targets


  1. Having worked at the Astor Place Starbucks back when there was only one of them, I can say that the reason there need to be two is to keep the employees from going crazy. There were too many customers for one staff to keep it clean or to get everyone coffee drinks. There were long long lines and everyone was unhappy, customers and staff. I’ve only been in a customer in the two S’bucks at Astor era, but everything seems a lot nicer.

  2. Also part of the reason there are two Starbucks is that the one on 3rd Ave used to be a competitor. So Starbucks just bought them out. It’s my assumption they make enough money from the 2nd store to keep it open, as opposed to just buying and closing it.

  3. Where in the Curbed article that you link to does it say that a Target store will be a part of the Albee Square mall? I can’t find confirmation of this on Brownstoner, either. Please quote from, or link directly to. Thanks.

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