What Was There?

September 28, 2007

Brooklyn spent a lot of years as a neglected afterthought and there are plenty of ugly buildings, parking lots and shoddy warehouses to prove it. Many of those are in spaces that used to be occupied by brownstones, row houses or nicer commercial buildings. As a regular feature, we’d like to post photos of some of the ugly, the ill-fitting and the blank and hope that someone out there can tell us what was in that space before.

Images of whatever was there before would be especially appreciated…

This particular parking lot, belonging to St. Joseph’s College, is on the south side of Vanderbilt between DeKalb and Willoughby Avenues.

What on Vanderbilt?

Click for larger version…



  1. “South side”? Vanderbilt runs north-south.

  2. Not to get too technical, but Vanderbilt doesn’t run exactly north-south, it runs at an angle. The parking lot is on the South-West side of the street.


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