Are You Cool? Do You Live in Fort Greene?

September 28, 2007

We want to periodically feature Fort Greene residents who are doing cool things — anything creative, influential, or groundbreaking.  If you are that person, or if you know someone who is, please drop us a line, and we’ll let you know if we decide to turn your tip into a mini-feature: easybeinggreene@gmail.com.

It is our hope that this will help to foster a sense of community in the nabe.  Lots of cool people doing lots of cool things gets everyone excited.  Thanks!



  1. I think you need to do something to let people know about this blog. My family and friends who live in Ft Greene were told by me, but I only found out because I reside in Clinton Hill and read about it on the Clintonhill Blog. I know you are new and wish you well. I venture over to Ft Greene to visit family and businesses so was happy to see it get its own forum.

  2. Thanks for helping to spread the word, Bree! We are doing the best we can to let people know about the site. Hopefully word of mouth will play a big part!

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