BYOB Restaurants in Fort Greene

September 24, 2007

Treat yourself and even a friend or two to a freakishly affordable dinner at one of the following BYOB restaurants in Fort Greene:

Keur N’ Deye
737 Fulton Street
Between South Elliot and South Portland
Hearty Senegalese food — the menu is short but interesting, perfect for the cooler months of the year and a bottle of red.
Closest wine shop: The Greene Grape

154 Carlton
@ Myrtle
A French-African fusion of food in a pint-sized venue.
Closest wine shop: Thirst

Black Iris
228 Dekalb
@ Clermont
Consistantly tasty Middle Eastern fare, plus some unusual pizzas.
Closest wine shop: Thirst

472 Myrtle Avenue
Perhaps technically in Clinton Hill, this is another dependable Middle Eastern joint.
Closest wine shop: Thirst Gnarly

In addition, Little Piggy Market at Lafayette and South Elliot is currently BYOB, and it’s big brother next door, The Smoke Joint, will be BYO-wine until sometime in November, when they expect to secure their liquor license.


  1. Now the closest wine shop to abistro is gnarly… on myrtle and carlton.

  2. There is a wine store (although I forget its name) on the corner of Washington Ave & Myrtle Ave… a mere 1/2 block from Zaytoons.

  3. Sorry,that’s not right — Gnarly is the one closet to Abistro, not Zaytoons…

    The wine shop for Zaytoons is the one I referenced above… now I remember the name: D&M Pratt Liquor @ 462 Myrtle Avenue.

  4. As someone new to the neighborhood this is great to see. I look forward to reading more

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